Viktor Larkhill Scandal (2024)

1. Viktor Larkhill - anyone heard of him?

  • 28 jun 2017 · Apparently he has used a number of aliases: Viktor Larkhill, aka Ivan Jimenez, aka Matt Murdock, aka Victor Chacon. This is also on Facebook: ...

  • Viktor Larkhill - anyone heard of him?

2. Viktor Larkhill won't want you to see this Spanish news story from ...

  • Duur: 5:04Geplaatst: 22 sep 2020

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

3. viktor larkhill | The Dark Side of Animal Rescue -

4. How Viktor Larkhill Kept Animals Stranded for Months

  • 7 aug 2015 · I'm really not happy that my emotions have been played on and I really hope that this Viktor or Ivan is stopped. It's such a cruel way to scam ...

  • 1. How Animals Didn’t Go Home Because of Viktor Larkhill A handful of…

5. Viktor Larkhill Youtuber overview

  • Viktor Larkhill's YouTube channel has been the subject of controversy due to the graphic nature of the abuse shown in some of his videos. While his channel aims ...

  • Viktor Larkhill Youtuber overview, Youtube statistics, viktor larkhill, extreme rescue, rescued dogs, let's adopt, viktor larkhill, animal rescue, shelter, dog rescue, dog rescue, poor dog, puppy, live rescue, animal animals vet cat, cat rescue

6. Sign petition: Stop Viktor Larkhill - GoPetition

  • 14 apr 2018 · Please do not donate any form of money to Viktor Larkhill run animal rescue organizations,…

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  • Please do not donate any form of money to Viktor Larkhill run animal rescue organizations,…

7. Do not Donate To This Rescue Scam | Lipstick Alley

  • 15 sep 2016 · Rookie · Who is victor Larkhill · My real name is Ivan, not Viktor… the name was inspired by one of my favourite graphic novels, Allan Moore's V ...

  • [posted this in another thread but I thought I'd make a PSA thread so more people don't fall for this scam.] I came across the "Cat Boiled Alive"...

8. While filming with the team at Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue / Let'

  • Bevat niet: scandal | Resultaten tonen met:scandal

  • While filming with the team at Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue / Let's Adopt International in Valencia, Spain, I had an opportunity to see Winston's hunting…

9. Let's Adopt! Global, an animal rescue organization, courting controversy ...

  • 30 jul 2022 · Viktor Larkhill is not his name, evidently, and he was arrested in 2018 for fraud. He only spends no more than 15% of the money he collects on ...

  • July 30, 2022July 30, 2022 by Michael Broad

10. PIC: Charity Founder Charged With Using Donations for a Luxury Lifestyle

  • 22 sep 2020 · Officers also seized computers and electrical devices to analyze at the suspects' houses. Viktor Larkhill poses in an unknown location in an ...

  • A local man claiming to be a veterinarian running a charity to help abused animals was arrested Sept. 15 for using donations of nearly 700,000 euros

Viktor Larkhill Scandal (2024)


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