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The Lake House Kitchen and Tavern is a casual restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and scenic views of Sloanes Lake. They offer a daily happy hour from 3:30 to 6:30pm, featuring discounted drinks and appetizers. Their menu showcases a variety of American favorites such as ribs, sandwiches, and seafood. The bar also serves specialty co*cktails, beer, house wines, and well drinks at reduced prices during happy hour.

My husband and I finally decided to stop in for a lunch date and we had such a nice time! To start the atmosphere was just nice. Not to mention they were playing my favorite band, Lord Huron!! The hostess and our server were so nice and friendly. We got a summer special, the watermelon salad. It was so fresh and delicious. My husband got the fried chicken sandwich and I got the chimichurri steak. I swapped the rice for mashed potatoes and it was fantastic. All around great food and vibes!

Jenna L — Google review

Went here for dinner. It was packed, so I highly recommend making a reservation. We didn't have a reservation, but they were able to seat us quickly in the outdoor dining area. They have heat lamps and blankets to keep you warm. It's right next to a lake, so it has a beautiful view. The food was average, and the service was a little slow, but we did go around a busy time. There were two dogs on in the outside area. So if you'd like to bring your dog with you, you can. It was a little on the pricey side. They do have a happy hour and dinner specials. The parking lot was completely full when we arrived. I had to park in another lot near the shopping strip mall. It wasn't too bad of a walk to the restaurant. If you go during off hours, parking shouldn't be an issue.

Jazmine R — Google review

Went to the Lake House for the first time today around 11:30AM on a beautiful Autumn day. The restaurant sits right over the water and has a spectacular view. I ordered the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich and it was incredible. Top notch. It competes for one of the best I have ever had.We sat outside and the patio heaters put out a good amount of heat; plenty to be comfortable even with the slight breeze.The service was great as well. Will definitely be coming back here.Moses highly recommends the Lake House Kitchen!

Patrick R — Google review

The Lake House Kitchen has the best blackened cat fish I have had outside of a Southern restaurant. The coleslaw was very good and wasn't too creamy. Service was very nice and made the visit much better.

Juan N — Google review

The Lake House is situated next to a really nice lake. The view in the patio is breathtaking. What’s even more amazing, they are dog friendly here!The food and service was pretty good. We had the Lake House Fried Chicken with Spicy Dry Rub. It is what they are known for.Salads were plenty for a meal. Come and enjoy… as we did!

Domingo S — Google review

Great patio with a lake view! We wished the food was better though. I ordered a medium rare Filet Mignon that was served well done and dry as hell. It was so chewy it was quite a challenge to swallow it. A dinner for two with an appetizer came to $90 which is pretty steep for such mediocrity. Good place to grab a beer but not to eat.

Natalia P — Google review

One of my new favorite local eats! The environment and vibe of this restaurant is what really got me. The food is good, cooked well and very fresh. Both our meals were fantastic. The menu is a bit limited, and I wish there were some more options outside of the fried chicken. Additionally, the prices are a bit high but the quality and quantity make up for it. We sat outside and it was so lovely to eat next to the lake. Our server, Nick was amazing too. Our co*cktail was very strong, but no complaints! Overall, a great place for a date night, brunch, or even a solo meal with a good book! We will definitely come back soon!

Vienna M — Google review

My favorite seat is inside this place with a martini in hand. This little beauty beckons you to stay awhile and linger either on the patio, at a bar top or dining seating or simply in the area. Plenty of parking and usually able to grab a table under 20 minutes. It can get busy around the usual hustle bustle times of any restaurant. Staff is always friendly and found them to be quick on service.Still have not really tried their brunch but I've been here for happy hour and dinner several times. Great selection of food and drinks. Love the beers on tap. Huge fan of their LH martini because they are the only place I know that serves Gorgonzola olives. Ooeemmggee. Happiest. Girl. Eva. My favorite is the steak tacos with the green chili sauce. Second choice goes to the crab cakes that can be an appetizer or meal itself. The tenderloin medallions and prime rib entree were generous in portion and cooked perfectly medium rare. You can't go wrong with the walleye or burger options too.The one star shy of making a five came from the soup order on a prior visit. I don't know if it got lost in translation but ordered chicken noodle and got what seemed more like minestrone. The consistency, taste and even meat was not your traditional chicken noodle. The server checked with the chef and kindly removed it from tab since no one touched it.Overall, the casual setting makes this a cute spot to ride your beach cruiser, grab drinks and tacos and chase the sunset around the lake. Can't go wrong with that kind of date night!

ViV S — Google review

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Lake House Kitchen + Tavern in Littleton, CO, and I can't help but share my amazing experience! From start to finish, the restaurant impressed me with its delightful atmosphere, exceptional service, and mouthwatering dishes.Let's start with the appetizers. The Buffalo Dip at Lake House Kitchen + Tavern is a must-try! The creamy, tangy blend of buffalo sauce and cheese, served with warm tortilla chips, is the epitome of comfort food. It's the perfect combination of spicy and savory, and I couldn't get enough of it.Moving on to the main courses, the seared Walleye was an absolute standout. Cooked to perfection, the fish had a crispy exterior and a tender, flaky interior. The flavors were harmonious, and the dish showcased the culinary expertise of the chefs at Lake House Kitchen + Tavern.Another highlight was the perfectly cooked dry rub wings. These wings were a flavor explosion! The dry rub had just the right amount of spice, creating a balance that made them irresistible. The wings were juicy and succulent, making them a crowd-pleaser for sure.Now, let's talk desserts. The Bread Pudding at Lake House Kitchen + Tavern is divine. It was warm, soft, and packed with flavors of cinnamon and vanilla. The generous drizzle of caramel sauce on top took it to another level. Each bite was like a sweet symphony in my mouth.For a fun and interactive dessert experience, I highly recommend trying the S'Mores. The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern provides all the ingredients, including marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, to create your own gooey and delicious treats. It's a delightful way to end your meal and bring out your inner child.I can't forget to mention the Cheese Curds, which were simply delightful. The crispy, golden exterior gave way to warm, gooey cheese inside. Each bite was heavenly and left me wanting more. They were the perfect snack to share with friends or enjoy as a standalone appetizer.Last but not least, the French Dip sandwich at Lake House Kitchen + Tavern deserves a special mention. The thinly sliced, tender roast beef, served on a fresh and crusty baguette, was accompanied by a flavorful au jus for dipping. It was a comforting and satisfying meal option that left me completely satisfied.Best patio in the Denver area!

Dining C — Google review

This place was ok. Upon arrival, we wanted to sit on the patio, but the choices for tables were not great. We asked if we could sit on the lower deck. The hostess said they weren't seating there. So we chose a subpar table in the sun which was less desirable. Not even 5 minutes later, the hostess sat a table on the lower patio, where we would have much preferred to sit. Service was very slow. It took a good 15 minutes to see a server at our table. We thought maybe they were busy and didn't sweat it. Finally got water and our order in. Food took forever! The waitress came over and apologized for the food taking so long. She even said, " I don't know why the food is taking so long. We aren't even busy." So if you are looking to spend about $100 (no alcohol, no desserts) for 2 people for a mediocre dining experience, this place is for you.***UPDATE***Even though our first experience wasn't perfect, I would like to say that I was impressed with the response from this company. They truly care about customers, which is rare. Based on that fact alone. I would give this place another chance. Exceptional customer service and really caring about customers is rare these days.

Jordanne S — Google review

Went here for lunch and it was definitely worth it. It was slightly on the pricy side, but again, worth it. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was beautiful. The service was okay, but it wasn't perfect. Definitely recommend this place and will definitely visit again.

Kevin L — Google review

Food here at the lake house kitchen and tavern is always wonderful. Truly never had anything that wasn't wonderful. Highly recommended the chicken anything, best fried chicken in Littleton. Great kids menu options as well. Lots of nice seating and views of the little lake. Check it out if you're in the area and looking for some good food.

Erik H — Google review

We had an awesome dinner on the patio last night. It was beautiful weather and the ambiance was great. The lake view and sunset made it feel like we were on vacation somewhere. Our server KK was very friendly and helpful. The food was all delicious and it was altogether a great first experience! We will definitely be back.

Trisha M — Google review

The food here was fantastic. I got the fried chicken and waffle and it was spicy and sweet and hot the spot. My husband got the fried half chicken and really enjoyed it! The service was kind and attentive. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it is pricey. I ordered a side of fried and although very good, it was 10 fries for $4 (yes I counted). That is a little crazy. Otherwise, I highly recommend this place.

Brittany L — Google review

My wife & I enjoyed a wonderful meal and co*cktails on the waterfront patio on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Service was friendly and drinks/food were served very quickly. The crab Louis salad was absolutely delicious and presentation impeccable. We visited years ago when they first opened and hadn't returned until today; we were quite pleased at how much better it was in comparison to our first experience. We had our dog with us and were happy that the restaurant was able to accommodate. Our server provided a water bowl for our pup even though we didn't ask for it. Will definitely return - if you enjoy waterfront casual dining in a dog-friendly environment, there really is no match anywhere near this place. Tip for the owner: hire local musicians to entertain outside on the weekends (or anytime, for that matter) - that's the only thing I can think of to make the experience even that much more enjoyable.

Paul S — Google review

GREAT atmosphere! Hard to beat views on the patio. Clean. I'd definitely drink here again. The food lacked flavor and they forgot to season everything. A little salt goes a long way. I had the steak and eggs...both of which were very bland. My sister had brunch too and hers was void of salt as well... Food looks better than it tastes. If they fixed that, 5-stars!!

Nick B — Google review

We were in town from out of state looking for dog friendly patios. The food was great, the server Blake (I believe that was his name) was awesome, and the patio was a phenomenal vibe! The chicken Pita meal was super filling and definitely wishing I could go back for another one. Awesome find for a couple kids from Texas!

Jose L — Google review

Great Restaurant! I would absolutely revisit.Food: Amazing- 5 stars. Everything tasted great to all of my party. The chorizo sliders were phenomenal. The house Buffalo sauce was a great addition. Only negative was that the whites were not cooked through on the over medium eggs.Service: Fantastic- 4.5 stars.Waitress checked in adequately, and the manager stopped by at the beginning and end of our meal. Food came out all together, and waitress brought our condiments and coffee out as needed. Only thing I asked a different waiter for hot sauce while ours was inside and he never came back.Atmosphere: Great! - 5stars.Fun indoor seating and bar area. Beautiful patio overlooking the lake. And dog friendly!

Benjamin A — Google review

What a beautiful place, the day was perfect to enjoy at the lake house, excellent service as well as their food and drinks, a great view of the lake and mountains I definitely recommend this place, it made me feel relaxed and enjoy everything around it.

Fernanda L — Google review

Breakfast on weekends only. I look forward to going back and trying Crab Cake Benedict. A perfect lake atmosphere if they had perch.

Rita S — Google review

Love coming here with our dog, the staff here are always super friendly and quick to serve.I recommend coming after 3pm on weekends for the prime rib dinner, very good for it's price. Walleye fish and their dry rub fried chicken are both so delicious.Manhattan and espresso martini both really good. I'd skip the old fashion, ordered this a few times here but sadly was always a miss but all the other drinks seems pretty good.

Edward — Google review

8026 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123, USA 758-8880

The 50 best restaurants to have dinner in Littleton (2024)


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